I believe that truth is absolute. Meaning, what’s true for me is also true for everyone else, everywhere, for all time. Controversial in our relativistic, post-modern society. But let me give you an example.

“My shirt was made in Thailand.”

This is true for me. It’s also true for you. Your shirt may not have been made in Thailand, but the fact that mine was is true for you. And for everyone else. Further, the fact that my shirt was made in Thailand will be true tomorrow, the day after that, and forevermore. If it is burned or thrown away, it will still hold true that that shirt was made in Thailand.

I believe truth is also exclusive. For instance, 2+2=4 and only 4. It cannot also equal 5, or 6, or 100. Using the shirt example again, my shirt was made in Thailand. If Thailand were to say, “We made that shirt!” No one else can also say, “We made that shirt.” (One can claim, but it doesn’t mean their claim is true).

For those that believe truth is relative, that is, those that believe what may be true for me but it’s not for them, I have one simple question:
“Is that absolutely true?”
Is it true for both you and me and everyone else, everywhere, for all time that what is true for you may not be true for everyone else, everywhere, for all time? Seems self-refuting if you ask me…

No matter how they wax it, relativists can never resolve the absolutist undertone of their philosophical meanderings. Because relativism is an impossibility.

That’s not to say somethings are subjective. Coffee, for example is subjective (some people like light roasts, some people like darker roasts, for instance). But that’s absolutely true. And how you like your coffee will be absolutely true for me.

There’s much more that could likely be said on the nature of truth, but for my purposes the discussion of it’s absoluteness and exclusivity is enough.

Published by

Matthew Haverly

I am a God-fearing, knowledge-thirsting, adventure-seeking, travel-craving, life-living, love-giving man. I like to dream big, and encourage/inspire others to do the same. My main passion as of now is to learn how to live, and live to learn.

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