• I believe all peoples, unless posing a threat to the nation, should be accepted.
    • Being on a terrorist watch list, having a criminal history in their country, or having a contagious disease are my three disqualifiers.
    • Why? There’s no reason (in the logical sense of the word), beyond the stated condition (posing threat), not to. Acceptance should be our default.
  • I believe borders are a man-made construct.
    • Why? Borders don’t exist in nature. Earth is one seamless creation.
  • I believe a thriving immigration status is healthy for the economy.
    • Immigrant-owned businesses in the U.S. generate more than $775 billion in sales and pay more than $126 billion in payroll each year. [1]
    • One in every 10 workers at privately owned U.S. companies now works at an immigrant-owned company. Altogether, immigrant-owned businesses have collectively created 4 million jobs that exist today in the United States. [1]
    • More here.
  • From the Christian perspective, we are to “adopt” foreigners into our (national) “family.” We are to love them as our own (Exodus 22.21, Leviticus 19.34). We are to love them as we love ourselves! You cherish yourself by providing clothes, food, shelter, etc. for yourself… your purpose in life is to do so for others, regardless of what nation they come from. Race, sex, age, nationality… none serve as basis for a denial of entry into the Kingdom of God. Nor should they, as Christians, for entry into the country they reside in. It’s important for Christians to keep in mind that, as citizens of the Kingdom, we are foreigners on the earth. Our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3.20). To be nationalistic (i.e. have prejudice against others based on their nationality), is hypocritical and antithetical to the mission of Love.
  • Read more on the Christian perspective here.

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