While you will gain a perspective about me from what I believe, ultimately how I think and what I believe still doesn’t tell you what I like to do, what I’m like to be around, etc.

My general “bio” I use for my social media accounts is:

“Christ-loving, life-living, love-giving, knowledge-thirsting, adventure-seeking, nature-loving, man.”

To expand:

Jesus is first and foremost in my life (hence first listed).

I pursue life and lively things in my life (connection with Jesus and others is the primary means through which that is facilitated).

I love Love and find it lovely to love others.

I’m a voracious reader, and do a lot of thinking and writing (ultimately out of a desire of wisdom, as knowledge without application to life is, in the end, pointless. There’s no substance to it that way).

Road trips, backpacking, traveling, etc. etc., are lively things I like to engage in (and especially with others… doing such things alone, unless serving as reflective time, is lonely and fruitless for me).

And lastly, getting lost in nature, whether that’s through gardening, landscaping, going for a walk in the woods, swimming/surfing in the ocean, freediving/snorkeling to experience the world of the fish, hiking to the peaks of mountains; such are the things I like to do.

In regards to who I am as a person: You only get so much of me through a screen and my words. If you’re familiar with the Enneagram I’m a One (but please… have a deeper understanding of the Enneagram before creating a box of personality foibles and eccentricities to put me in — the Enneagram types go far beyond that).

I love talking with people, and really love people I can sit down and just talk for hours with. If you know what The 5 Love Languages are, my primary love language is quality time (if you don’t know what The 5 Love Languages are, you should).

Like I said, there’s only so much you can get of me through a screen and my words. If you really want to know me, you gotta experience me in person. Maybe we can grab a coffee if you’re that interested.

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