The Customer Is NOT Always Right

  The idea that the customer is always right violates two fundamental truths: No one is ever ALWAYS right. Business is a voluntary transaction between two parties. As soon as the idea that one party is ALWAYS right, the voluntary aspect of a transaction is removed because one party is compelled to comply with the (always […]

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Viewing People

Just because someone doesn’t know their value doesn’t justify viewing them or defining in any way apart from the way God sees them or defines them. A person’s value is determined and fixed (set in stone) by God. Their value is high and precious. Nothing changes that, including how they view themselves and thusly conduct […]

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Working for the Kingdom (Part 2)

This article continues off of the concept I presented in my previous post, which I suggest reading before jumping right in here. Stewardship God is a God of stewardship. It’s something he truly values, and I believe that is evidenced from even the very beginning. He gave Adam the task of cultivating the Garden. Taking care […]

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Working for the Kingdom

There exists within some circles of Christianity a belief that states you do not need to strive, there’s no need to perform, in the Kingdom. Within my own study and time spent with Holy Spirit, I have come to a conclusion on this matter. First and foremost, I believe a definition of terms is in […]

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The Nature of Morals

The position that morals are relative is popular in today’s post-modern society. In this article I wish to lay down what moral relativity is, why it’s popular, and arguments for it. Then I will discuss the self-defeating/inconsistent points of moral relativity, the absurdities that arise when we are logically consistent with the view, and how […]

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Why I’m a Libertarian

Being Powerful, Self-Control, and the NAP The Non-Aggression Principle, a defining principle of the Libertarian party, aligns perfectly with my foundational belief of being a powerful person. The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) is an ethical stance that asserts that all “aggression” (force, control, etc.) is inherently illegitimate. Aggression, for the purposes of the NAP, is defined as initiating […]

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