The Nature of Morals

The position that morals are relative is popular in today’s post-modern society. In this article I wish to lay down what moral relativity is, why it’s popular, and arguments for it. Then I will discuss the self-defeating/inconsistent points of moral relativity, the absurdities that arise when we are logically consistent with the view, and how […]

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Being A Powerful Person

I believe being a powerful person is necessary in order to live life as it is meant to be lived. (The ultimate purpose in life is to love others, and this cannot be effectively done without being a powerful person). What does it mean to be a powerful person? (Adapted from┬áKeep Your Love On by […]

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I believe all peoples, unless posing a threat to the nation, should be accepted. Being on a terrorist watch list, having a criminal history in their country, or having a contagious disease are my three disqualifiers. Why? There’s no reason (in the logical sense of the word), beyond the stated condition (posing threat), not to. […]

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In every relationship, whether a simple friendship or a romantic one, my goal is connection. I make no room for violations of that connection. If a conflict has arisen, it will be resolved quickly, so connection can be maintained. Even for mere strangers, I’m seeking to connect on some level. Perhaps not deeply intimate right […]

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